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7 Creative Ideas To Use In The Office Space


A feature with most of the offices around the world is the lack of space. Despite the best steps to plan out the work area, there would always be situations when some more space would be more than welcome to have. Rather than get a larger premise, office interior designers in Mumbai have used some very innovative approaches to organizing and managing the existing space could do wonders to the workspace as well as the money saved in the process.

1. The stand-up desks

There is going to be those employees who do not base themselves in the office all the time. The typical marketing folks are of this type, and it would be more practical to allow them a standing desk to use while at the office. This does cut out on the amount of space that is needed and often it could be that more than a single person could use a single desk. Rarely are two people in such traveling positions going to drop into the office all at the same time.

2. The reading area

Some of the office spaces like that of the lawyers and doctors need to seclude areas as possible libraries. Rather than have a formal space for this, it would be better to mark out secluded spots in the office which could facilitate the silent reference work.

3. The office lighting

Gone are the days when office lighting meant those drab rows of fluorescent lights. The introduction of LED technology to lighting needs have indicated that it is possible to have affordable yet fixtures that are economical to run too. When it comes to the flexibility on offer with the contemporary lighting solutions, there could be few other comparisons otherwise.

4. The recharge space

Most offices do have the regular coffee machines or the soda dispenser which would also be a place for the workers to meet and brainstorm. However, rather than consider it as a nuisance, the more creative offices tend to set out an area to help recharge the person after a tiring time at the desk. This would formalize the act of getting a cuppa and help control the time people are at the spot.

5. The workout area

When people are particularly exhausted after applying their minds for extended periods of time, the standard solution to this will get engaged in some physical activity for some time. So a primary exercise area could be included in the design in the interior of the office. It is possible to leverage the smallest of spaces by utilizing some of the most innovative machines to effect a work out too.

6. Using mirrors

It might sound outlandish, but mirrors in a small area have the effect of amplifying the limited space on hand, and moreover, people when coming to see themselves in a mirror do tend to be conscious of their expressions most of the time. So this would be one of the most cost-effective mood elevators to have been thought of. If anything, it does not cost a packet to get the best possible mirrors too.

7. The paint schemes

The modern paint industry has been coming up with products that are more targeted than ever. So the traditional office colors could be dispensed with to render some of the most attractive of spaces. It is thus possible to project spaciousness even in the tiniest of areas by using the right set of shades and patterns to cover the surfaces.

Office interior designers in Mumbai is always one of the first to introduce new concepts to the design of premises and the efforts at rendering some of the most attractive and peaceful workspaces have to be made a note of.