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Any space where people spend their time is a reflection of the quality of life they enjoy. Whether it be a home or an office space, just four white walls and door won’t suffice. Thus, it is important to concentrate on the architectural aspect of the spaces one lives or works in. Good architecture and design are the beginning of healthier neighborhoods and businesses. Helping in the creation of the same are architects who are licensed professionals with innovative minds and creative thinking. Like other immersive academic programs, training to be an architect also involves a rigorous process.

Though there are several national and international architectural firms in Mumbai, it can be a challenge to make the right choice. An architect can be a master of many trades. They create designs, do drafting, pick the right materials and look after the entire work process when a structure is still taking shape. For a layman, it is a challenging task to associate the prevailing winds, the direction of the sun, the contour lines and the best views with the structure in the making but for architects, it is the way they visualize and their professional prowess. They have a fine eye for detail and have heartfelt appreciation for proportion and symmetry. A good architect will always communicate well with the client and delight them with excellent designs.

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Though, architects and interior designers have a similar nature of work, their expertise lies at different levels. Established architects and interior designers both work towards creating or designing spaces that are aesthetically appealing, structurally safe and comfortable. But unlike an interior designer who incorporate modifications on a request, an architect will foresee your requirements. Though both disciplines involve technical aspects, architects work on both exteriors and interiors. Where architects include the electrical and plumbing requirements in their plans, interior designer looks after the lighting plan for every room. Architects around the world, including the top architects in Mumbai are trained to focus on exterior and interior elements of space like ceiling finishes, trim and millwork. An interior designer generally selects wallpaper, accents, textiles, furnishings, drapery and other interior materials.

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You and your imagination for a new workplace are in great hands with AVN Interiors. Being one of the top architecture companies in Mumbai, it seamlessly bridges the gap between architecture and interiors. As technology and modernism are taking over the world, a larger number of people are opting for designs and creations that reflect the same. Having a team of the top architects in Mumbai, the design concepts at AVN Interiors are focussed on a client’s business. According to the understanding of their business, materials like concrete, exposed brick, wood, metal and glass are used to showcase the real essence of their work environment. AVN Interiors makes sure they consult their clients well before they begin to guide the form and structure of any professional space. They elevate the look of the modern office spaces with simple clean lines and forms.

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