10   /   12   /   2015

This penthouse is a display of architecturally designed interior spaces. The design approach is more spatial where the interiors have a very strong relationship with the landscape and nature outside. At the entrance one is greeted with a glazed courtyard that is open to sky with a single tree in the center.  


Every space has a unique experience as it varies in scale and proportion giving it a feel of a house rather than an apartment. The Sun lounge extends into a covered deck area that opens to the terrace. The terrace is like a gallery designed in grey granite with a minimalist approach to give a zen look displaying sculptures in the form of outdoor furniture. A huge art piece adorns the suspended stair case area. The double height space at the staircase is enhanced with a concrete cladding connecting both the floors. The powder room is hidden within this concrete wall. 

Her work is neat and modern, she created the house exactly as I had imagined. The word that I would associate with her work is ‘finesse'. Aditi gave a woman's touch to my house, just the right kind I was looking for.
                                                                          - Misha