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Best Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai Who Make Your ‘Dream Home Come True’















There are era changes, generation changes, trends and fashion that fluctuate and so does the taste of the people in lifestyle but that does not limit their desire to stay in trend. That’s especially when you hold a unique taste in everything that you desire to own and achieve in life from accessories to exquisite. And, if it is about your dream home, you never want to go wrong with your choices. In the contemporary world, where homes are getting a modern makeover with smart and technology-driven amenities and innovative designs, everybody wants to live in a style that reflects their thoughts and personality.


For all that jazz, you unquestionably need a professional team who can transit your thoughts in reality with their creativity. So, there you go with one of the best residential interior designers in Mumbai at AVN – Aditi Vora Nair Interiors.

Since every wall tells your story and you want to make everything perfect in your dreamland, you need designers who are invested and are impeccable interior designing artists known for their finest interior creations. We can be one of the best residential interior designers in Mumbai if you are looking for a creator who can understand your vision and can bring life to your imagination.

Traveling and exploring the best in the world, having fun at premium hotels decorated with elegance and high-comfort furniture seems amusing, but nothing compares to the comfort of your ‘nest’. Thus, we convert your space into a much-loved shelter to relive the beautiful memories with the warmth and calmness. What you wish to see, we showcase. We just do not design homes with artistic finesse and with everything else that you can dream of. If you’re into nature, then our creations will replicate that on your walls, floors, ceilings and more. Our recent work, also showcased in the Ideal Magazine re-iterates our expertise in designing and creating eco-friendly and unique pieces for homeowners from natural things like wool, wood, linen, etc.

Our makings in residential vertical add on to Bachelor Pads, Bungalows, Flats, Apartments and extensive varieties of design possibilities, providing neat and clean spaces in an organized and structured way while ensuring complete comfort that gives you a true sense of belonging.

Nature, Natural Light, Ventilation and Lightning form the basis of our designs that let you breathe and feel well in your home surroundings with proper sunlight and clear outer views. To make it more natural, we make sure we add the natural essentials which compliment your designs and gives you an organic feel. Whether it is about working on different themes or specific color palette and schemes that you want, we bring out the finest that fit your wonderful space perfectly.  The Architects Digest also recognizes our works as a great space changer for making the most beautiful homes and altering every inch and corner into a warm and happy place to be.


With the changing lifestyle of people across the world, we are not only in need of the finest furniture but also an atmosphere that lifts up the mood. Our supreme designs have shown the magic of greys and blues for the perfect warmth and a significant touch of the color blue in a window to bring the serenity that you would love to experience. Our strategy for designing homes is always to bring out the best possible design solutions for a home from various viewpoints- be it privacy, security, fashion, trend, comfort, luxury and peace that makes a perfect living for you and stands apart from the rest.


The amount of experience in interior designing has not merely made us proficient in designing and unique but helped us to create designs that fit every individual’s perspective depending upon their needs, budget, ease, comfort and fascination. It also gave us a better understanding of every family type that makes us create a place which leaves you enthralled and awestruck.

Our determination to create unique, relevant conceptions and artwork, make others believe in us. It’s our warm yet professional approach and our effective communication during the client meetings that help us get a better understanding of their original vision. Standing out in the crowd, we are one of the leading residential interior designers in Mumbai offering you homes with flawless designs, warmth, sophistication, pleasure, peace and smart use of technology to spellbind all your visitors, leaving them wondering about the beauty and comfort of your personal space.