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Mumbai Architecture In Top 7 famous and iconic Buildings


Ask any of the frequent travelers, and it would be evident that the  buildings or monuments do get to define the

visit to a place in a lot of the instances. So, while planning to visit Mumbai, it  would be worth the time and effort to visit some of the notable building in and around the city. Listed out in brief below are some of the well-known buildings in the city and that tells on the architects in Mumbai.


1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This was the former Victoria Terminus, the final destination of trains to the city of Mumbai.  What is most notable of the building is the large expansive platforms that service any train that does use the station.  Unlike the present day railway stations, this is one terminus that focuses on providing an affordable journey than one of luxury. Of particular mention must be the dining room situated on the first floor which has maintained the true spirit of the colonial era in its furnishings and the fare that is served here.

2. Gateway of India

Set at the entry to the old city of Mumbai, this entrance building was built to commemorate the first visit of the British Crown of the days. Like right colonial buildings done to mark essential events of the times, the designers have certainly made this one of the grandest entrances of the times and probably of all time. The most remarkable feature of the structure is the way the masonry blocks are held together without the use of a binding element like concrete.  

3. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Once the desired place of stay on the Mumbai wharves; the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is probably one of the oldest of hotels in the city.  It has undoubtedly managed to retain the old world charm, and this has to do a lot with the focus being accorded by the Taj group in maintaining this so unique hotel in the original state as far as possible. This would be one location in the country that does serve some of the most authentic colonial culinary preparations too.

4. Mount Mary's Basilica

Situated at the extreme end of the Bandra suburb, the Basilica is one of the oldest churches to have been built in India.  It must be pointed out that the first structure came up in the 1500s and there has been at least a couple of significant re-works since then.  However, there is no taking away the awe that the huge structured building holds on the viewer.

5. Mumbai High Court building

If it is a pedigree location that is being sought to start a career in law, then this would be the ideal place in the country. Built in the 1870s, the building is still an excellent example of the Gothic style of design.  For a public building, the number of details that have gone into the construction and indeed the façade needs to be appreciated.

6. Haji Ali Dargah

Set with the typical Islamic high domes, this is one of the most recognizable of the Muslim architecture. People visiting the monument should keep in mind that regular worship services are conducted at the location and hence should be mindful of the basic courtesies.  

7. The BSE building

A visit to the commercial capital of the country would never be complete without making a trip to the Bombay Stock Exchange building on Dalal Street. The imposing tower does project the power of private capital to all who would come for a viewing.


Architects in Mumbai are known to excel in designing some of the most functional yet impressive structures.  It does in many ways get to define the very city of Mumbai and has been doing so for some time now.