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Why We need Commercial Designers- the Perfect Combination of Competence and Style

Commercial buildings are very different from any residential structures or homes and thus require different designs. Commercial buildings are used for business purposes, for example, a warehouse, office, store or even a restaurant. Different types of commercial buildings require different types of designs. Commercial interior decor can easily create visually interesting spaces by following a specific theme which brings a new level of interest and builds a good image of these among people.

So, whether you are renovating an existing commercial property or looking for any new property to utilize, the assistance and guidance of a professional commercial interior designer in Mumbai is invaluable. The commercial interior designers specialize in conceptualizing the spaces for businesses. Commercial interior designing includes designing hotels, offices, lounges, retail spaces, banks, offices, theatres, schools, spas, country clubs, shopping malls, hospitals, examination rooms, theatres, libraries, schools and many more things in between.

Commercial interior designing starts with the planning process as designers need to work with expert architects to set up the elements which will ultimately decide the look and feel of the finished space. After completion of the work of the architecture, designers then go ahead with the completed space to add furniture decoration to meet the ultimate design goal. A professional and interior designing degree holder (mainly the Interior Designer) will take care of this.

Commercial interior designers in Mumbai are well trained to prioritize the safety and the functionality of the space without sacrificing style and aesthetics. The essential thing to consider while looking for an interior designer for a commercial building is their judgement of the use of space.

Let’s have a look at how designers can utilize the physical space to improve the purpose of a commercial structure.


Suppose the design of the house must be based o livability, and the design of a commercial building must be based on the usability. So, space is required to be usable for both the customers and employees as well to get the maximum profit. Different commercial spaces require different designing plans like an office building needs to fit multiple cubicles in a shared area whereas a department store needs space for displays, for merchandise as well as for counters.

On the other hand, restaurants need kitchen space with a pleasant dining space so that guests can enjoy their food comfortably. The commercial interior designers in Mumbai are always eager to develop a professional space in the most effective way.

An experienced and talented commercial designer has the power to transform a failing business into a booming one with the stylish and unique physical presence. They choose styles and motifs which suit best and bring life into the business with the perfect colour schemes, fabrics, wall decoration, furniture, artwork, window treatments and all other accessories and finishes.

So, here are some tips to know that what is required to choose and hire the perfect commercial interior designer for your office area:

  1. The first thing for you to do is proper research to get the lists of the topmost commercial interior designers or any well-known firm which has the expertise in this field. Check their websites or ask your friends for recommendations. You can also check customer reviews and testimonials to know better about them.

  2. After shortlisting them, you have to create your project detail list with the detailed description of the project, your budget, aims and objectives and what exactly you are looking for. Then, you can request the designers by sharing your project proposal.

  3. A commercial interior designer is responsible for understanding the client’s requirement. So, look for the one who exactly relates to your request, choose them and then talk to them more in detail.

  4. A good commercial designer should have a sound judgment of utilizing the various designing skills and broad knowledge as per your need.

  5. While choosing the designer, check whether he/she is able to understand your plan and also provides you with some valuable suggestions.

  6. You must check that the commercial interior designers in Mumbai have a proper understanding of designing elements in different commercial spaces as per the theme in line and incorporate contemporary and modern style trends.

  7. Also check that the designer has access to a network of suppliers who will provide the proper furniture, floor and ceiling designs, wall decoration art, lightings, fixtures and all for the project.

  8. Ask the designer to show their previous work. An experienced commercial interior designer will always maintain their professional portfolio as well be able to create an entirely new one.

  9. Ask them the scope of work of your project with proper blueprints and schematics drawing.

  10. A good designer should select the right quality materials without over budgeting and should schedule the work appropriately.